Service Details


Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your work:


  1. Fees are quoted in Kuwaiti Dinars (KD) on a per page basis. The amount paid should be in KD or equivalent to the quoted figure in another currency.
  2. A page will be considered for charging as long as it contains at least one line of text. There will be no rough estimations (e.g. one quarter, half, three quarters of a page).
  3. Documents should only be submitted in the following format:
    1. double-spaced
  • font size: 12
  • font type: Calibri
  • document type: Microsoft Word (XP and later versions are acceptable)
    1. The standard fee is KD 0.375/page. If you require your work to be edited urgently, please understand this will cost KD 0.750/page.
    2. If you are unhappy with the edited product, you may re-submit for a second round of editing, and this will require one-off payment of KD 5.000.
    3. If, in addition to grammatical editing, you would like formatting (e.g. tables, spacing, borders and margins...etc), this will require a one-off payment of KD 5.000 per document.




    Delivery Time


    Your work will be attended to as soon as possible. Please understand that the longer the document and the more corrections that have to be made, the longer it would take to be processed and delivered back to you.



    1. Submit your written document as an attachment via e-mail. Please make sure you clearly state the following in the subject line:
    • your name
    • brief title of document
    1. In a short message, please indicate whether you need your document edited urgently. If so, please understand this would incur a charge of KD 0.750/page instead of KD 0.375/page.
    2. Please indicate whether you require formatting. This will cost a one-off additional payment of KD 5.000.
    1. Your work will be evaluated for editing.
    2. You will shortly receive a quote for the service fee.
    3. If you accept the quoted figure, please confirm.
    4. You will shortly be sent payment instructions. If you are based outside of Kuwait, this will be done via international transfer. If inside Kuwait, this will be via local transfer.
    5. The editing process will begin, and you shall receive your edited work as soon as possible.









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