Service Output

Sample Editing Output

You will receive your edited document as above. The font colour may not necessarily be red. This depends on the device you're working on. You will see various strikethrough and underline features. These indicate deletions/insertions.

Depending on the suggested correction's location, right click (e.g. on a full stop, comma, semi-colon, whole word) to see what options pop up to you. Feel free to either accept or reject the suggested correction/change by left clicking the respective option.

Polite Notice


Please ensure you have the Track Changes option enabled/turned on when you open your document in Microsoft Word.


This can be found under the Review tab within the Tracking sub-group of commands.

Should you find any comments on the right-hand margin, please take them into consideration. The bubble/balloon may appear in a different colour on your device.

Should you wish to delete the comment, right click on the bubble/balloon and then left click on "Delete Comment".

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